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Firstly, we can all have personality differences in life so if you don’t get on with your instructor then don’t worry leave and go somewhere else. More importantly find out who your friend learning to drive with, was they happy? Did they pass first time or maybe 2nd time? How many minors did they have? All of these questions are relevant to your future to Freedom on the road. As a driving instructor I get really frustrated with pupils coming to me from different driving schools and not being taught very well. They seem to have spent their time behind the wheel just driving and chatting about the weather, dinner, music; you name it anything but driving. I have had pupils who have never heard of MSPSL, ECO DRIVING and many other general terms related to a driving lesson. Is that what I call a lesson – the answer is NO. This is why I am writing this article to let you guys out there know what you should be expecting from your driving instructors.

Every lesson should be about a particular subject, i.e. meeting traffic, junctions, roundabouts, major to minor roads, crossroads etc. You should be shown diagrams to help you understand certain situations. At the end of every lesson you should be told how well you have done and what the weakness are, if any. You should also be asked how you felt the lesson went and are you happy with everything. You are the one paying good money to be taught to drive so ask all you want.

You should never, never be shouted at nor should your instructor show any signs of frustration with you. If this happens please leave and go elsewhere. As much as you all want to get on with your manoeuvres you should not be even attempting them until you can drive a car, i.e. control the car fully, have excellent clutch control. Manoeuvres should be the last thing you are doing. This will not hold up your progress as once you can control the car properly you will be able to do the manoeuvre more easily.

Make sure you have the full hour you are paying for. Your instructor should not be stopping for coffee, eating whilst in the car, or smoking. Your should be the only pupil in the car. Don’t nag your instructor to do your test before your ready! Wait until he/she tells you that you are ready. On the other hand don’t let them keep you hanging on just because they want more money.

OK how will you know you’re ready for your test? Well, you will know as you will feel 100% confident when driving and not worried about any situation you may come across whilst you are driving the vehicle. Ask to do lots of mock tests that way your instructor will not be talking to you and you will be making all the decisions yourself. What does wrong in your mock test you should then be working on in your next lesson!

Ask yourself one simple question “If I were given my licence today would I feel confident to drive on my own”? If the answer is no then don’t take a test. If you are learning to drive and still unsure or have any questions regarding driving lessons you can make a comment on our driving school blog and I will more than happy to respond.

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